Landwell Products

Intelligent Industrial

Series C1

New Generation of i-keybox

Featuring an automatic door closing system and a finger vein reader, automatic door closers are designed to reduce reduce common touchpoints between users, minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination and disease transmission among your team.

Series C1


The all-in-one series smart key cabinet has a one-piece cabinet body, and fewer screws or rivets are used inside, which eliminates the complicated connection steps between the cabinet body and the control host, and is easier to install and move.

Series C2

Auto Sliding Door

Key control and storage utilizes dual rail-mounted panels, providing the soluitons for managing large numbers of keys. 

Series A1

i-keybox with android controller

Remove & return keys, reserve, operate… Everything can be done with a few clicks. The functionalities of the i-keybox smart key locking solutions are almost endless and suitable for every industry.

Series A

i-keybox with digital controller

It ensures high key security in any office network as a classic key control and management solution.

Series A2

High Security i-keybox

Keys and assets are only visible to its owner, providing a perfect solution for car dealers and real estate companies solution to ensure the security of its assets and property keys.


Simple, easy to use, and practical, it’s very popular in markets such as housing rental, banks and technology companies.


Made of high-quality ABS plastic, it is a lightweight key management system, weighing only 13 kg, capable of managing up to 20 keys or key sets.


Simple, easy to use, and practical, it’s very popular in markets such as housing rental, banks and technology companies.

Intelligent Official


Smart Keeper Solutions

Valuable assets such as keys, stamps, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and barcode scanners easily go missing. This is where the Smart Keeper comes in. Office Smart Keeper is a comprehensive, modular line of smart lockers designed specifically for small and medium-sized business offices.


Attractive and user-friendly

A straightforward, efficient, and economically viable independent key management system. Merging avant-garde technology with a sturdy design, K26 offers smart buildings the capability to manage up to 26 keys seamlessly within a user-friendly, plug-and-play module. The integration of Biometric Fingerprint and Face recognition ensures swift access while bolstering security.


Mini Safe

For the secure storage of smaller valuables, we have developed the Mini Safe. The small storage box is suitable for items like passports, jewelry, and medicines in office or home settings. Easily installable in wardrobes, on tables, or bedside tables, the Mini Safe supports Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone app, allowing only registered fingerprint to unlock it.

Intelligent Official

Landwell Software

The Landwell Web allows administrators to gain insight into all keys anywhere, anytime. It provides you with all the menus to config and track the whole solution. Mobile responsive user-friendly web application that provides complete control of the key management systems in a versatile way, allowing for growth of a network of cabinets and valuable analytics on the go. View real time data relative to users and keys through events, bookings and alarms. Take care of user management, key & item tracking, reporting, analytical data, and bookings.

Guard Tour System

RFID G-100

The main components of a landwell guard proof-of-visit system are a handheld data collector, location checkpoints, and management software. Checkpoints are fixed to locations to be visited, and the worker carries a robust handheld data collector which they use to read the checkpoint when it is visited. The checkpoints’ identification number and time of the visit are recorded by the data collector.

App Guard 9C

Mobile cloud patrol is a mobile device that can adapt to the cloud patrol system. It can sense the NFC card, locate and display the name in real time, GPRS real-time transmission, voice recording, shooting and dialing and other functions, all of which are log management, it is durable, The appearance is exquisite and can be used 24/7.

Gun-style 9000P

L-9000P guard tour system is most durable and robust patrolling reader working with Contact Button touch memory technology. With high quality metal case, it is specially designed working in harsh and tough environment aiming at supervising and monitoring security personnels patrolling work performance.

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