Cloud Patrol


Simplify guard tour inspections via cloud-9C smartphone guard patrol system

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Proof to visit

Scanning an NFC checkpoint or a satellite positioning system as proof of visit gives the user an overview of the ongoing tasks.

Multimedia Files

Files can be provided in a variety of formats, including:

  • Preset list
  • Text descriptions
  • Audio recordings
  • Photos
  • Videos
Cloud-9C Multi_media

Protect your lone workers

Due to a high increase in crime rates worldwide, lone workers’ safety has become a very important issue in many countries. Security Managers have a duty to assess their risks and take steps so as to control them where necessary. 

NFC Checkpoints

The checkpoint stores its digital information in an RFID chip that can be read contactlessly by a 9C data collector, thus avoiding the wear and tear of contact checkpoints.

The small, unobtrusive plastic housing can be glued or fixed with special screws for increased security. The checkpoint is not affected by temperature changes, weather, dirt and other environmental influences.

Passive operation does not require batteries.

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