Law Enforcement

Implementing Key Control in Law Enforcement

At any level of law enforcement, the most stringent security measures should be taken to protect weapons, vehicles, files, physical evidence and other assets to ensure that cases can proceed smoothly and to protect personnel and assets. When these assets are locked, it is as important to protect their keys to prevent unauthorized access as to protect the assets themselves. To this end, only by taking appropriate measures can we prevent important assets from falling into the wrong hands, protect important information and data from the risk of intrusion, and promote accountability, compliance and streamlined operations within law enforcement agencies.
Landwell provides effective key control and asset management solutions to help agencies better manage access to departmental assets and achieve efficient and orderly operations.

Control Access

Audit and Trail

Keep Accountability

Simplify operations

Secure Physical Keys

Landwell Key Control System is designed to protect and manage the keys of key assets such as officer keys, law enforcement vehicles, secure areas, and specialized equipment. The system makes it easy to get the current status data of any patrol car, motorcycle or other vehicle at any time. Administrators can see which officer is using which vehicle now and who was using it on the day the vehicle was marked for running a red light. Officers can also check which vehicles are available, where they are, and where the keys are at any time.

  • Store keys safely in the most reasonable place while achieving centralized management from a single location.
  • Through the implementation of a key control system, personnel are authorized to define who can access which keys at what time, ensuring that only authorized personnel can use keys or access sensitive areas.
  • Electronic reports help agencies implement comprehensive key auditing and tracking functions.

Having a terminal with Android touchscreen on a cabinet provides users with an easy and fast way to operate on the spot. It is user-friendly, highly customizable and, last but not least, looks great on your key cabinet.

  1. Quickly authenticate users via PIN, proximity card, face id or fingerprint.
  2. Find assets in seconds with convenient search and filter features
  3. Capture the reason for accessing assets with one click
  4. Unlock only required/authorized assets for removal
  5. Close the door and transactions are logged to ensure full accountability

Weapons Storage Management

Law enforcement officers carry weapons to ensure their own safety and that of the public, so a reliable system must be in place to manage and protect these important assets. Smart gun locker systems ensure that only authorized personnel can access the ammunition stored within, and all access activity is automatically logged. These access records can be reviewed later during investigations or for on-demand audits, allowing agencies to effectively monitor and track weapon usage.

To further increase officer accountability, the system can set specific access schedules to restrict access to certain weapons to certain individuals based on qualifying conditions such as time of day, days of the week, etc. This feature minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and misuse of firearms, adding an extra layer of security to the weapons vault. If a weapon is not returned to the designated locker as scheduled, the system will also automatically notify supervisory personnel via email and/or SMS to take immediate action to resolve any anomalies or potential issues.

Secure storage and controlled access to essential items

In addition to weapons, law enforcement officers rely on many tools when performing their duties in the field and in the office. These tools include radios, mobile phones, laptops, body cameras, breathalyzers, personal protective equipment, etc. Therefore, protecting critical equipment is not only a law enforcement safety issue, but also a regulatory compliance issue.

Our locker system enables law enforcement officers to access equipment as needed while strictly controlling the use of equipment. In this way, digital asset control prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive information and reduces the risk of liability due to improper material protection.

Multi-Funcation Key ad Asset Management Solution

Through the implementation of law enforcement asset management solutions, agencies have a clear understanding of the equipment in circulation and their usage patterns, and agencies can make informed decisions on equipment allocation, replacement and maintenance. This approach can improve equipment utilization efficiency, minimize unnecessary expenses on purchasing new equipment or repairs, and enable law enforcement agencies to optimize resource allocation and ensure that various resources are always used where and when they are most needed.

  • Big, bright 21″ touch screen
  • Facial, finerprint/veins, IC/ID card reader
  • Managing up to 50 keys or key sets
  • Equipment locker
  • Scalability for the future
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