Security Key Systems for Education

Key control system is a cost-effective solution that can provide significant advantages to school security, improving school operations through centralized management of physical keys, access cards or vehicles.

Safety & Security are core objectives

Schools and administrators have a responsibility to protect the school environment. They should take security measures to protect learning buildings, passages and vehicles, thereby maintaining control over campus security and protecting the school from the threat of violence, vandalism and theft. Proper key control is essential to maintaining the safety of the campus community. From academic buildings to dormitories, keys play a vital role in controlling access to various campus facilities.

Example Uses

Protect keys to classrooms, academic buildings, laboratories, and administrative offices , allowing only authorized faculty, students, and security personnel to access their keys.

School Fleet

Key control systems also offer significant benefits for the management of a school’s fleet vehicles, such as buses and other vehicles. Administrators can retrieve data on the status of any bus, shuttle, or other vehicle at any time.

Laboratory equipment and chemicals

Prevent unauthorized access and prevent chemicals from being taken out of the laboratory, thereby avoiding failure and danger.

Promote the safety of library personnel and customers, and provide appropriate access to library facilities while ensuring the safety of library facilities and collections.

School Sport Center

Only users with an authorization code can retrieve or return keys to the gymnasium, locker rooms and sports equipment storage areas.

Improve safety and efficiency

Benefits of Key Control Systems

Proper key control helps to protect these areas from unauthorized access, theft, and other security breaches.

Enhanced Security

An effective key control system ensures that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas, reducing the risk of security breaches. A key control system offers significant school security benefits, particularly when it comes to emergency situations such as active shooter events. By utilizing a centralized key control system, schools can ensure that emergency keys are securely housed and readily accessible to local first responders.

Protecting Assets

A campus setting typically contains numerous assets, including buildings, equipment, and personal property. These assets are frequently high-value targets for theft, vandalism, or destruction. Proper key control systems can provide full control of keys and assets, ensures that only authorized personnel access these assets, reducing the risk of theft, damage, or destruction.

Liability Reduction

Campuses can be subject to significant legal liability for security breaches, including theft or personal injury. Campuses that employ effective key control methods can demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to protect students, faculty, and staff from harm.

Improve Efficiency

With a centralized key control system, maintenance staff can quickly obtain the keys they need to complete the required tasks without spending a lot of time searching for the right key. By providing a streamlined key acquisition process, maintenance teams can respond to maintenance requests in a timely manner while ensuring doors are locked and unlocked as needed, minimizing disruption to school operations.

RFID Based

Key Lockable

Key Identification

Android Terminal

Facial Reader


Practical Features

Landwell solution enhances your solution with a suite of features that keep you in control, allowing you to improve business processes, make your business run more efficiently and save your time and money.

Access Schedules

Apply time restrictions to certain keys and users.

Real time key status

In the software you can see the instant status of any of your keys in real time, whether they are being used, and who holds them.

Multi-Factors Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security method that requires users to provide at least two authentication factors to prove their identity and gain access to a key.

Multiple Authorization

For certain keys that are highly sensitive, compliance require signatures from two or three individuals, one each from separate departments.

Remote Control

It’s allowed to remove keys or return keys remotely by off-site administrator

Events & Explanations

For unplanned visits to some important keys, users should provide a detailed description, including the reason, purpose, or explanation for which the visit occurred.

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