Key Management Software

Providing a comprehensive method for controlling, managing, and tracking your keys & assets.

What Kind of Software We Have?

Landwell Web Portal

The LandwellWEB Portal provides you with all the tools to configure the whole solution as you see fit. Furthermore the Portal is the ‘home’ for administrators, containing the most extended functionalities. The Portal additionally keeps track of important data – both historical as well as real-time – that can be used for data insight about the operation of key cabinets.

The Mobile Assistant

Smartphones offer a lot of functionality to their users, and it is a no-brainer that smartphones should also help us to make use of our key cabinet systems. Landwell provides a user-friendly smartphone app, downloadable on the App Store and Play Store. The Landwell App was not just made for users, but also for administrators, offering extra functionalities to manage key cabinets.

The Key Control App

Having a terminal with Android touchscreen on a cabinet provides users with an easy and fast way to operate on the spot. It is user-friendly, highly customizable and, last but not least, looks great on your key cabinet.

Key Management Software Features

There are 3 roles by default and customized roles with varying levels of authorisation in the web software. These range from simple report readers to superadmin. The roles have a granular determination of rights, which not only allows access to certain functions, but also the determination of the degree to which the function can be used in detail. You can easily create your own defined roles and check and uncheck in the software which rights are to be assigned and how.

In the smart key management system, two-way authorization is very important. It can greatly save the administrator’s time and improve efficiency, especially when the scale of the project expands, whether it is an increase in the number of users or an expansion of key capacity.

Two-way authorization allows administrators to observe and set “who is authorized to access which keys” from two different perspectives of users and keys. When we are faced with adding a factor to the system, the best practice is to map this factor to multiple other factor sets at once.

LandwellWEB allows you to set curfews on any key, and you can choose between two types of curfews: range of hours and length of time.

The administrator will receive an alert email when the key is not used in accordance with regulations or when there is an abnormality in the system.

In the software you can see the instant status of any of your keys in real time, whether they are being used, and who holds them. If employees accidentally forget access credentials or abnormally require spontaneous authorization, the electronic key cabinet system can be operated in real time through remote release. Of course, updates to key authorizations are also transmitted immediately.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security method that requires users to provide at least two authentication factors to prove their identity and gain access to a facility. The purpose of MFA is to restrict unauthorized users from entering a facility by adding an additional layer of authentication to the access control process.

For certain keys or key sets that are highly-sensitive, compliance regulations may require signatures from two or three individuals, one each from three separate departments.

For unplanned visits to some important keys, users should provide a detailed description, including the reason, purpose, or explanation for which the visit occurred.

Integration - Focus on your business

A powerful way to customize your key control system with a non-standard features is offered to you due to the integratable API.


Although we strive to make our system directly accessible to more industries, locations, and users, helping them complete key control policies, we are well aware that organizations’ definitions of public safety and self safety are never universally applicable, and there is no solution that can solve all problems. Therefore, in order to ensure compliance of key control systems in an increasingly broad market, we are open to the secondary development of key control programs and willing to provide sincere and kind-hearted partners with experience and resources including communication protocols, SDKs, and some source code.

Perhaps secondary development is more suitable for your project when your client requests the following features from you:

  • Shall be developed locally or by nationals with their own nationality;
  • Shall have a designated key control policy;
  • Shall have a specified user authentication method;
  • Shall have a specified UI; 
  • and so on

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