Key Management Solution for the Banking Industry

Landwell's bank security solutions offer the ability to protection, track and manage every key in your facility, helping you streamline processes, protect assets and minimize liability wherever possible.

Never lost control of your keys

Physical security and protection is a very important business for the banking and finance industry. Especially in an increasingly competitive environment, it is crucial to streamline processes, protect assets, and minimize risks.

Landwell key and asset management system solutions can help you achieve all of these goals and more.

There are many keys in use on a daily basis in a bank. These may include keys to cash drawers, safes, offices, service cabinets, etc. All of these keys need to be properly secured. Security managers should be aware that the risk is far greater than external intrusions, and more opportunities come from internal employee accountability. Therefore, real-time key protection and management measures are one of the most basic steps you can take.


Smart Keeper - Managing14 keys

Landwell solutions help you protect, track and manage every key in your facility by turning each key into an information point with the help of RFID electronic key fobs. Each key is connected to a smart key fob, which is locked in the key cabinet. Only authorized users can access specific keys.

Landwell Key System is an automated key management system that enables employees to access specific keys by themselves with valid credentials. You no longer need to assign a specific position to manage keys. Electronic key log reports help you eliminate manual paper records that are prone to errors. The cloud-based management system allows you to always have a clear view of the real-time status of the keys. In short, you can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Features about key control

Two-Man Rule

For certain highly sensitive keys or key sets, compliance may require signatures from two or three individuals, from three separate departments or groups.

Key Curfew

Landwell systems allow you to set curfews on any key, and you can choose between two types of curfews: time duration and time schedule.

Access Schedule

Apply time restrictions to certain keys and users.


A security method that requires users to provide at least two authentication factors to prove their identity and gain access to a key.

Remote Realse

It’s allowed to remove keys or return keys remotely by off-site administrator

Remote Lockdown

When activated, the key cabinet will not release the key to anyone and will display a message that it is locked down. 

Event & Explanation

For unplanned visits to some important keys, users should provide a detailed description, including the reason, purpose, or explanation for which the visit occurred.

Email Notifications

Can be set up to alert managers if a specific action occurs, such as curfew is overdue or a door is left open.

Integrating with other systems

By integrating your key control system with your access control or other network security systems, you can greatly expand the functionality, data and responsibility of your security program and avoid switching between multiple systems to complete business processes.

ATM Security Guard

ATM devices remain a prime target for criminals. Whether criminals compromise machines through physical means or through malware infection, banks must be aware of evolving threats in their area. Landwell’s ATM electronic patrol system can help banks with daily patrol management. Security managers develop daily, weekly or monthly patrol tasks based on the requirements of ATM device areas and patrol frequency, supervise and manage patrol officers to conduct on-time inspections, and promptly detect and troubleshoot threats to the ATM device environment. Security managers can understand the status of the ATMs currently being patrolled in real time, or require patrol officers to report rich media resources such as pictures, audio and video to obtain additional credentials. In addition, when patrol officers themselves are threatened, a quick silent alarm option can help them get rescued and out of danger.

Final words

Technology certainly plays a role, from cameras with a clear field of view to modern incident management systems and analytical tools. Process improvements also factor in, through training to ensure everyone knows what to do in the event of an incident. Ultimately, people are at the heart of improving physical security.

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