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The Ultimate Sourcing Guide

The Ultimate Sourcing Guide: Intelligent Key Cabinet How does key cabinet work? When an authorized employee wants to get a particular key or keyset from the smart key cabinet, he

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Key Control For the Building you clean

Key Control For the Building You Clean

When you own a cleaning company, you need to develop a system for controlling keys. If there is no appropriate system, you may bear an expensive unexpected cost, as lost

Why do you need key management

Why do you need key management

Key management can be an important part of an organization’s operations, especially when dealing with large numbers of keys. Here are some ways key management can help operations: Improved security:

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What is the Key Management System

More and more business security practices are going digital. Every year, it seems like something you took for granted as a physical process is automated or made electronic. Will physical

4 Software Roles with Different Access Layers

With the implementation of more and more key control systems and the continuous in-depth exploration of market demand, we gradually introduce forward-looking and more market-valuable functions into the management software

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