i-KeyBox Electronic Key Cabinets

I-keybox is used for organizations and projects with high security requirements, providing higher levels of protection and control over keys and assets. The cold rolled steel cabinets offer superior physical protection, while the android touchscreen offers fast and intuitive access to authorized users only. Our web-based management software provides a suite of management tools for controlling key access, generating key log, monitoring system activity, and much more.


i-KeyBox 2G

Featuring an automatic door closing system and a finger vein reader, automatic door closers are designed to reduce reduce common touchpoints between users, minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination and disease transmission among your team.

i-KeyBox 1 G

Remove & return keys, reserve, operate… Everything can be done with a few taps. The functionalities of the i-keybox smart key locking solutions are almost endless and suitable for every industry.

i-KeyBox DL

Keys and assets are only visible to its owner, providing a perfect solution for car dealers and real estate companies solution to ensure the security of its assets and property keys.

i-KeyBox One Piece

The all-in-one series smart key cabinet has a one-piece cabinet body, and fewer screws or rivets are used inside, which eliminates the complicated connection steps between the cabinet body and the control host, and is easier to install and move.

i-KeyBox Digital

It ensures high key security in any office network as a classic key control and management solution.

Landwell WEB

Once logged in, you can manage all keys and items in your organization and get a real-time overview.

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