Classic Gun-style Handheld Contact Guard Patrol System

The L-9000P Guard Tour System is our classic solution of security guard technology, it’s been more than 20 years since its first generation. It is a favorite in building, factories and property management, and elsewhere because of its functionality, sturdy, durable and ease of use.

It is designed to prevent costly losses such as vandalism, theft, corporate espionage and damaging accidents throughout your facility. This system allows you to make sure your officers are making the rounds and will provide you with back-up documentation.

The L-9000P offline data collectors are child’s play to operate without much training, are robust and have a very long battery life – ideal for simple, yet electronically monitored services.

Guard Transfer Station 9000PT

data transfer unit

The downloader is the readout station for 9000P data collectors. It is connected to the PC / laptop via the USB interface and transfers the acquired data after insertiing the data collector.


Checkpoint location button

The checkpoint stores its information digitally in a chip, which can be read contactly by data collectors.

Small, unobtrusive plastic brackets can be glued or secured with special screws for added security. Checkpoints are insensitive to changes in temperature, weather, and other environmental influences. Passive operation requires no batteries.


Personel-ID checkpoint button

Security personnel collect his/her personel-ID button when taking over patrol tasks to initiate their own tasks.


Event wallet for additional round information

Security personnel carry event cards with them and only need to collect the corresponding button using the data collector when needed. For example, it may be noted that a window is open or that the smoke detector is defective. Through event buttons, the electronic patrol system can record other events throughout the round. Depending on the application area, the importance and evaluation of events are determined by the system users themselves.

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