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Our user-friendly, automotive key management systems are designed to simplify the process of key and asset tracking, while providing the highest possible level of accountability and security. A new sleek modern, modular design offers a universal appeal and fits different environments, making it quick and easy to configure.

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Benefits of Automating Key Management

Key Control gives fleet managers peace of mind – keeping a clear eye on vehicle usage with a fully auditable key control system. If a vehicle is returned in a different condition than expected (damaged, stained, or with more mileage than expected), managers and administrators can easily access automated records that show when the vehicle keys were removed, by whom, and when they were returned.

  • Key no longer need to be labeled, minimizing security risks if keys are lost
  • Improved flexibility because keys are available 24/7 to authorized staff
  • Keys are return quickly because users know they are both accountable and traceable
  • Lower maintenance costs because users are taking better care of the equipment
  • Lower operational costs with central key management as fewer resources are needed to distribute and manage large numbers of keys
  • Increased visibility and organization of key use
  • Reporting feature provides data useful to identify patterns such as vehicle performance, staff reliability and more
  • Enhanced security benefits such as the ability to enable a system lockdown remotely, temporarily preventing all users from accessing the key cabinets
  • Option to be a standalone solution with no need for a connection to an IT network

Managing a fleet is not easy. Keeping track of multiple vehicles (often of different makes, models and uses), which vehicles are being used, when they’re returned and where they’re being used can be a daunting task, one made easy and organized by keystroke controls. Small errors creep in, keys get lost, appointments missed, and re-keying costs pile up.

Implementing a fleet key management solution streamlines all aspects of fleet operations. You get powerful, automated controls over scheduling and key transactions, and on-the-ground insight in fleet utilization so you can optimize how your service vehicles and equipment are used.

Lost keys are one of the biggest financial threats to fleet management. Rekeying is expensive, especially with auto key fobs, and losing a key poses significant security and liability risks until it can be rekeyed. By connecting keys to a RFID-based key fob that is locked in an steel key cabinet when not in use, the risk of key loss or unauthorized removal is greatly reduced.
The key cabinet is equipped with an alarm that will send alert email to administrators if someone attempts to steal keys, vandalizes the key locker, or if the door is left open for longer than a user-selected interval. Automatic key control helps prevent key and vehicle loss in your fleet.

Improve Security, Accountability and Efficiency at Your Dealership

Secure and manage access to vehicle keys

Easily inventory which cars are ready

100% insight into every vehicle handover

Cloud based administration with mobile application

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Electronic Key Control Systems for
the Automotive Industry

Built on the successful, market-popular i-keybox range, Landwell Automotive is a more secure, modern and cost-effective solution.

It is our most suitable solution for vehicle key management to date. It is built to last, built for simplicity, built for flexibility and considering sustainability. The bottom rollers and back compartment provide convenience for system safety and maintainability. The 13 inch capacitive touch screen is embedded and angled, providing you with a more perfect operating experience.

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Keys are stored and managed in a secure, steel cabinet, and can only be accessed by users authenticated via a personal PIN code, biometric fingerprint, or proximity card. Users can easily locate the keys they need in seconds, allowing for a fast and efficient transaction. When returning a key, the user simply logs into the system, places the key in any open position, and closes the door.



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