BRCB Data Center Utilizes Landwell Key Control Systems

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The restructuring of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank was established on October 19, 2005. It is the first provincial-level joint-stock rural commercial bank approved by the State Council. Beijing Rural Commercial Bank has 694 outlets, ranking first among all banking institutions in Beijing. It is the only financial institution with financial services covering all 182 towns in the city.

The data center is the core of the operation, guarantee, and processing of the banking production and operation system. It is responsible for the production and operation of all financial electronic data, technical and business guarantee, production data management, transaction monitoring, and back-office processing functions of the door and cabinet business of the whole bank.

Data centers tend to focus more on protecting their facilities, networks, data, etc. from hacker intrusion and virus threats, but the protection and control of physical keys have become easily overlooked loopholes. Landwell provides corresponding solutions to help you manage and track the usage of server rack keys, work laptops, tablets, hard drives and other tangible assets, allowing you to fully control access to facilities and important assets.

In November 2018, the Shunyi District Sub-branch installed 2 sets of I-keybox, managing 300 key positions in the sub-branch. In 2020, they added a set of I-keybox, so that the total number of keys that the system can manage reaches 400.

According to bank regulations, when employees use a certain facility every day, they must be removed from the i-keybox system and returned within a limited time. Security personnel can learn about all the keys in the system, who took which key, and the time of their removal and return through the records of i-keybox. Usually at the end of each day, the system will send a report to the security staff to display these numbers in a clear and clear way, so that the staff can explain which keys they have used during the day. In addition, the system can set a curfew time, at this time, any key is not allowed to be taken out.

Landwell has proven to be a critical part of the security infrastructure for data centers at many banks. This is due our ability to integrate into the systems you already use, making administration simple, and making your keys and assets work for your facility like never before.

“Any change in key permissions should be applied for by department leaders and approved by higher-level leaders before taking effect. This is crucial for the internal security of the bank. The dual audit mechanism and automated key handover report help us more conveniently manage bank assets and physical keys,” said Mr. Shen, the branch director.

Key Management

  • Control access to server cabinet keys and access badges for better security
  • Define unique access restrictions to specific key sets
  • Require multi-level authorization in order to release critical keys
  • Realtime and centralized activity reporting, identifying when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Always know who has accessed every key, and when
  • Automatic email notifications and alarms to instantly alert administrators on key events

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