Implementing Key Management System at Yuying Middle School

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Beijing Yuying Middle School founded in 1948 in Xibaipo, is an exemplary general high school with approximately 3,000 students and nearly 300 faculty and staff members located in Haidian District.

Yuying School has more than 100 buildings spread out across campus and is continually put to the test keeping vulnerable areas secure (e.g., dorms, libraries, laboratories), while providing easy access to authorized individuals.

With many of the buildings on campus more than 70 years old, traditional locks and keys already play a significant role in access control and key management is a tremendous security concern. It’s the important technology objective that providing a secure and safe environment for the students, faculty and staff through successful key management and access control.

The Landwell’s i-keybox key control system consists of several key-fobs with nuique RFID chip, a key control cabinet and a user terminal, which can accurately lock each key and avoid messy key labels and unreliable manual logs. The i-keybox intelligent key management system helps prevent lost or stolen keys by only releasing assigned key to users with the proper authorization code and recording the access history of each key, including user, date, and time of remove/return.

Utilizing 8 sets of i-keybox intelligent key cabinets with 384 key capacity, Yuying allows security, facility and emergency personnel to access authorized kesy to secure areas when needed, as well as track “who used which keys and when”. When the key is removed abnormally or expired, the system will issue an alarm to remind the security personnel of the situation. The key management system software installed together provides managers with a wide range of key reports, authority management, remote control, and real-time alarms.

Since the keys no longer need to be carried at all times, key exposure is minimized, greatly reducing the number of lost keys and the potential for security breaches by unauthorized individuals. Keys are tracked while in use, including times and user names, ensuring prompt return when no longer in use or notifying the appropriate person should a key go checked out beyond the specified period of time.

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