Smart key cabinet i-keybox with auto door closer

Safe, flexible and organized

Stable and strong key control management means improved business intelligence. Recording and analyzing who is using keys—and where they’re using them—enables insights into business data you may not otherwise gather.

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Benefits & Features

100% Maintence Free

With contactless RFID technology, inserting the tags in the slots does not result in any wear and tear.

Restricting Key Access

Only authorized users are able to access the key management system to designated keys.

Key Audit

Real-time gain insight into who took what keys and when, whether they were returned.

Key Curfew

Physical keys must be used and returned at the scheduled time.

Advanced Technologies

Prevent lost or misplaced keys, and avoid pricey rekeying expenses.


Reduce common touchpoints between users, minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination and disease transmission among your team.


With the aid of the available APIs, you can easily link your own (user) management system with our innovative cloud software.

Reduced Cost and Risk

Prevent lost or misplaced keys, and avoid pricey rekeying expenses.

About our high-security key management cabinet

LANDWELL intelligent key management systems secure, manage and audit the use of every key. The system ensures that only authorized staff are allowed access to designated keys. The system provides a full audit trail of who took the key, when it was removed and when it was returned keeping your staff accountable at all times. With the Landwell key control system in place, your team will know where all keys are at all times, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets, facilities, and vehicles are safe.

Our system has the flexibility as a completely standalone plug-and-play key management system, offering touchscreen access to full audit and monitoring reports. Also, just as easily, the system can be networked to become part of your existing security solution.

Web-Based Management

The Landwell Web allows administrators to gain insight into all keys anywhere, anytime. It provides you with all the menus to config and track the whole solution.

Never Lose the Key Overview

Real-time Alert Emails

Remote control by off-site administrators

Handy Smartphone APP

API document

Testimonials from customers

Thanks to the easy use cabinet, all keys are well locked and recorded. No need to worry about losing keys anymore.

The smart system improves our processes regarding taking and returning of keys. Even non-tech employees could simply use it.

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