What Is Electronic Key Management System?

Introduction Are you still using the traditional manual record-keeping method to record and manage keys? Or you are still using a key iron plate with holes punched to hang a large number of keys on it to manage? If you are doing this then you may also be aware of problems linked with the traditional […]


Are you still using the traditional manual record-keeping method to record and manage keys? Or you are still using a key iron plate with holes punched to hang a large number of keys on it to manage? If you are doing this then you may also be aware of problems linked with the traditional manual record-keeping methods to manage your keys.

As you know that each key represents a certain important asset linked with it. This asset can be anything ranging from jewelry to a car or to a bank account. If the key is lost you may face the situation that you can’t open the locker door, can’t start the car, etc.

You can only get the right to try correctly by breaking the locker door or replacing the car key in such an expensive way, so the management and tracking of the key are very important.

Some problems linked with traditional manual record-keeping methods for key management are given below:

Many and mixed keys, unable to manage records efficiently

Loss of keys is not traceable and accountable

Increase the loss of enterprise assets.

Maintaining all the keys can prove to be a real logistic challenge when you don’t even have a smart key cabinet. A smart key cabinet helps you in efficient accountability, regulation, and distribution of keys resulting in an enhanced and improved security system. In other words, designing a smart key cabinet is the most useful need for large components and businesses.

You have to make sure that you are trusting the right people and that can also turn out to be a complicated situation. This is the problem that led many security-conscious companies to develop cumbersome and manual key management systems.

Optimization of your electronic keys management system can give powerful insights into your company’s operations. One effective way to achieve optimization is through an electronic key management system. If you are new to this concept, don’t worry! This response post has everything that you should know about electronic key management systems. Continue Reading!

What Do You Mean By An Electronic Key Management System?

The electronic key management system also referred to as EKMS, is the latest and most efficient key management system. It helps you to keep your keys safe and secure with a quite simple method. You can keep your keys secure even when they aren’t in use.

The electronic key management system makes the process easier by preventing unauthorized access to your keys. In other words, it helps you guard your important keys against theft. It allows helps you to be safe from key misplacement issues. It happens because of the smart key identified by a unique RFID (Radio frequency identification) system.

You can easily track and identify the keys using the RFID technology. Moreover, it also allows you to track the use of your keys with the help of user terminal. This process confirms every activity of the keys. LANDWELL introduces two types of user terminals for LCD displays.

ARM Based Terminal

Android Based Terminal

A local management device for keys can be time-consuming, hence you should go for EKMS.

It is important to note that you cannot access keys of an electronic key management system without a PIN code or RFID card. After every usage of the key, a time stamp is used to record the transaction of a key. This is how the information is logged for accountability and reference. Wondering what functions can your EKMS perform? Continue reading!

The Features of Electronic Key Management Systems?

The electronic key management system becomes the cornerstone of your business keys. In other words, an electronic key management system can help you achieve two things that pen and paper cannot. These things are:

  1. Assigning and storing the keys securely.
  2. Increasing the organization efficiency of the key usage.

Some important functions performed by the key management system are listed below:

The EKMS can help you enhance and improve access control.

There is enhanced and improved accountability traceability.

More prevention of loss and reduced costs.

Ultraviolet disinfection

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading to Electronic Key Management Systems?

Investing in EKMS is something that quickly plays itself. By upgrading to electronic key management systems, you can have better management of your business operations. Moreover, you will also be able to influence what your employees do before, during, and after the keys usage.

There are some business areas that can be highly improved using an electronic key management system. Those are explained below:


With an electronic key management system, you get a higher level of security as well as control over your business’s transactions. If there occurs a human error, it will not cause a compliance break or accidental security.

It ensures higher compliance for your company’s security system. Anyone using the EKMS can easily and consistently enforce compliance with all the policies.

Detailed and Accurate Records

The best part about upgrading to an electronic key management system is that it can help you keep a record of user interactions. Moreover, it also helps to record users to the items on the checklist and user interactions. This system can allow you to pull up any record that you need within a few clicks.

User Accountability

As mentioned earlier, there is a higher user Accountability when using an electronic key management system. It is due to the tracking and recording of every user interaction. You can easily get a record of the location or assets related to the keys. In simple words, you can get a record of Who took or returned which specific key at which time or place.

The interesting part to know is that you can set a curfew for returning keys. It will trigger an alert through email or EKMS messages if the key is missing. This process can prevent the costly losses due to the key which may otherwise result in fines in regulated companies.

Higher Efficiency in Day-to-Day Operations

You can redirect the administration of your work while having an efficient electronic key management system. The best part is that it works 24/7 without getting tired even during emergency situations. It also helps with better communications security.

Significantly Reduce Personnel Hiring Costs For Business Management 

For example, if you use LANDWELL’s intelligent electronic key management system, you can intelligently receive guests unattended, assuming that a receptionist in the United States is paid $480 a month or $40,000 a year. And you can get our equipment at the same or less cost of $40,000. Surprised, Auh! So what are you waiting for? Just Contact Us now

Who use Electronic Key Management Systems?

An electronic key management system is considered ideal for use in organizations where there are more chances of theft. Two such applications are banks and museums. Moreover, it is also used in the following areas:

Government and Military 




Auto Deals


Banking and Finance





Real Estate Leasing

Freight and warehousing

Data Center

Public transportation


How To Choose The Right Electronic Key Management System?

Choosing the high-quality and right electronic key management system can be a difficult task. It can be challenging especially when you don’t know the market rules to buy anything. ‘

Whether you are buying it from a local market or importing from China, you have to keep in mind a few facts and figures. Some important steps to choosing the right electronic key management system are listed below:

First of all, you have to have to decide whether you need to buy from local stores, manufacturers, or suppliers. Once you decide about it, you need to make a list of trusted sellers.

Check your price range and buy an electronic key management system accordingly. The quality of EKMS may vary with varying prices. Make sure you get good quality.

You should also consult with your colleagues or friends before purchasing from a particular manufacturer. Moreover, you can also check the reviews on their website for better information.

If you are importing your electronic key management system from any other country. You should have an idea about basic import terms to get the product safely delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t forget to check for features and specifications before buying an EKMS.


Electronic key management systems are a great way to secure your business assets. Traditional ways of securing your assets can be very time-consuming therefore you should prefer EKMS. However, getting a reliable EKMS can still be a problem even if you purchase from a reliable manufacturer. If you are looking for an experienced brand that sells the EKMS with innovations & better electronic keying material, then Contact Us now.

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