Key management is the key to efficiency and safety for car rental

Introduction With the growing popularity of car rental services, efficient key management is critical to ensuring the smooth operation and safety of the rental company’s fleet and its customers. An innovative solution to this challenge is the electronic key cabinet with electronic key system. These systems provide a secure and efficient way to manage and […]


With the growing popularity of car rental services, efficient key management is critical to ensuring the smooth operation and safety of the rental company’s fleet and its customers. An innovative solution to this challenge is the electronic key cabinet with electronic key system. These systems provide a secure and efficient way to manage and track keys, prevent theft and loss, and improve overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Steps to reduce cost and risk for your business

With this increasing trend and the need for security in your business, what steps are helpful to reduce risk and sunk cost for your business?

– Secure and control your keys

If your keys are on a keyboard, desk drawer, or widely available to an unauthorized user, we would expect only a matter of time before keys are stolen, as well as your vehicles.

– Lock your doors

You would be surprised how often things are left unlocked. Doors, cabinets, etc, that “should” be locked, are not. In between processes or before closing your business, ensure lockable items, are in fact locked.

– Utilize your reports

Do you have a key management system to keep insight on your keys? How about door locks within your building? Web based key management systems have reporting features to see audit trails on your keys, or access to rooms.

– Utilize your camera system

With the almost ubiquitous monitoring system, keep key management facilities under security monitoring at all times. For automotive transactions, the usual practice is to place each electronic key system under 24-hour CCTV monitoring, capturing each key check-in and check-out process.

– Secure your network

In the era of internet integration, protecting network security and preventing network intrusion have become important cornerstones for business success. Network security is equally important as physical security. If you handle personal customer data, or classified government data, etc, review the devices on your network frequently, and who has access. Any unknown devices could pose a risk to your business data, and even your customer’s data. Limit access with a strong password-protected Wi-Fi, as well as a Guest Wi-Fi, separate from your core network.

How electronic key management systems help you

Electronic key management systems are designed to simplify key management, enhance security and contribute to the overall success of your car rental business. With the right systems, only authorized people can access designated keys through secure PIN code or biometric authentication, ensuring that keys are only released to those authorized to use them. This significantly reduces the risk of key theft and enhances the overall security of the rental fleet.

How a key control system work?

A key control system typically consists of a steel, tamper-proof cabient where all vehicle keys are stored on special key slots. This cabinet is typically mounted on a wall where all employees can find it when needed. While all key control systems can vary, most key control lock cabinets can only be opened when an authorized employee types a unique pin number into the box keypad or unlocks the box with a fingerprint or other form of biometric authentication.

After an employee gains entry into the lock box, a built-in electronic key tracking system monitors which key the employee removes from the box and exactly what time they remove it. Then, when the employee is finished using the key they removed from the box, they unlock the box with their unique credentials again and replace the keys. The tracking system then notes who returned the key and when it was returned.

Some advanced key control systems are equipped with additional features, including features that allow only select, pre-designated employees to access certain keys in the box; features that require employees to input the reason for key removal when they remove certain keys; features that require two or three other employees from different departments accompany to access the designated keys; features that require multi-factors authentication to log into the system, and other features that help business owners and managers customize key access and tracking.

what kind of key systems Landwell have?

LANDWELL is here to help with maintaining control of your keys. We will continue to innovate and listen to your problems that we can continue to solve, all with a long-lasting system and excellent support.

We offer a wide range of electronic key cabinets with different key capacities, typically 8- 200 keys or key strings per system; with different horizontal distance and vertical distance, allowing storage of physical keys of almost any shape and size; with different door protection, such as solid steel doors, clear glass doors or even door-free designs and many other options.

For more key systems, please refer to the products list.

Features of Landwell key management systems

  • Different access levels. The system supports the definition of administrators, common users, and user-defined types of users (roles or groups), who have different levels of access rights.
  • Restrict key access. Administrators can set access rights and shift schedules for each user, dictating who has access to which assigned keys and when.
  • Key curfew. Keys must be returned to the system within (or before) the scheduled time.
  • Alert emails. When the key cabinet is abnormal, the key usage timeout and other abnormal states, the system will send out an abnormal alarm and notify the administrator by SMS or email.
  • Multi-factor authentication. The system allows restricting unauthorized access by adding two or three factors authentication.
  • Two-Man Rule. For certain highly sensitive keys or sets of keys, compliance requires that two or three people be present for authentication.
  • Camera capture. The system supports image capture when the user takes back the key.
  • Remote control to release keys. Supports remote control by non-present users to release keys.
  • Integrating with other systems. Supports integration with other systems.

Benefits of key management

The electronic key cabinets play a vital role in preventing the loss of keys. With a well-organized automated system, the rental company can easily track where the keys are at any given time. This eliminates the time-consuming and frustrating process of finding misplaced keys, reducing downtime and ensuring keys are always available when needed. This not only improves operational efficiency, but also improves customer satisfaction as customers can quickly and easily use their leased vehicles without any delays.

In addition, electronic key cabinets offer a wide range of additional functions that further increase their effectiveness and usability. These may include real-time notifications for key return reminders, automated key audits, activity logs, and customizable access rights for different personnel. These features give leasing companies full control over their key management processes, ensuring accountability and transparency at all times.

As the car rental industry continues to grow and evolve, efficient key management becomes even more important. By investing in electronic key cabinets equipped with electronic key systems, rental companies can ensure the security of their fleets, prevent key theft and loss, and improve overall operational efficiency. With over 20 years of experience in the security market, our company is committed to providing high-quality key management solutions that meet the unique needs of the car rental industry. With our innovative electronic key cabinets, rental companies can confidently manage their keys and focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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