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This unique remote control storage solution always helps you to check, trace, and account for every key status, storing and securing your critical business, anywhere, anytime!

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OEM service

OEM for hardware and software on request, no MOQ requirement for basic changes.


Centralized training of the cabinet by a comprehensive range of operation videos and manuals.

5 years of warranty

Efficient telephone service or remote communication service to assist you quickly in resolving any problem.

About our high-security key management cabinet

With a strong steel-constructed design and a smart control terminal, the 1 KEYBOX Intelligent Key Management Cabinet provides excellent secure storage and easy access to keys without the hassle of traditional keys management.

Remote control through our mobile App can easily allow the admin to give access, add temporary users, limit using time, check real-time key status and reports.

Product Highlight

With the flexible software based on Windows and Android systems, you can use cloud software or PC interface and check the data wherever and whenever you want. Our phone APP supports the remote control: Door opening, record check-up, approval review, temporary user authorization.

Unlimited Users

The user numbers of our embedded Android system are unlimited. Manage as many users as you need.

High Control

The camera takes pictures during operation both when the cabinet is online and offline.

Ease of Use

Key slot can be replaced separately. No need to open up the back of the cabinet head to toe.

High Security

Built-in unique RFID chip anti-theft key ring levels up the security of keys.

Read What Our Clients Say About Our Cabinets

Thanks to the easy use cabinet, all keys are well locked and recorded. No need to worry about losing keys anymore.

The smart system improves our processes regarding taking and returning of keys. Even non-tech employees could simply use it.

NO Monthly Fees, NO License Fees, NO Long Term Contracts, and 5 years Warranty

We’re very willing to offer you a free test account regarding our cloud platform on request.

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